Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Locust Grove, Spring Encampment Gear List

 My gear for the weekend consisted of : 

Round Hat - Tim Bender 
Shirt - Michael Ramsay
Round jacket - Andrea Logsdon
Breeches - Old Pair of Jas. Townsend (Wouldn't usually recommend but I'm
still in the process of getting a hand-sewn pair)
Leggins - Matthew Fennewald 
Blanket - Amana Colonies 
Wallet - Michael Ramsay 
Bag - David Book
Horn - Lee Larkin 

Inside the Wallet
Sack of Cornmeal 
Parch'd Corn

 Still so much I want to perfect for Martin's Station here in a few weeks. Will make a post about that soon. 


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