The Shirttail Mess is a group of like minded individuals in the mideast and midwest (Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois etc...) working toward the common goal of recreating the Backcountry Militiamen and Line Regiments of the Revolutionary War with a heavy focus on Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky.

Our philosophy is to understand the people of the past, we simply can't just dress up in a costume and shoot guns. We strive for detail and accuracy in our portrayal. We have a few basic rules.

​ -If you can't document it, leave it at home
-Always be willing to research

We strive to experience as much of life as a soldier and common man on the Western frontier during the American Revolution as possible and don't limit ourselves to just battle. Camp life and soldiering on the move is all a part of the experience.


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  2. Is the event schedule for this year or 2018 ?

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